It really matters what your leg length is and how you sit and paddle. 

The cockpit opening of the Bluefin 142 measures 18″ wide by 35.5″ long which gives 48.5" total  legroom from seat back to forward bulkhead. This should accommodate taller paddlers. Here’s a tip to see if you will be comfortable in the Bluefin 142. Sit on the floor with your back against the wall and place a box 48.5” from the wall. How does it feel? Are your legs and feet happy?

Our original model, the Bluefin 14, has a length from seat back to bulkhead of 45″. We have had many body types in the Pakayak Bluefin 14. Cort, who is in many of our videos, is 6’2″ with inseam length of 35″ and weighs around 190 pounds. We show Cort in this video at around 2:38: He fits fine and loves paddling the boat. He is a surf ski paddler and also competes in OC racing (outrigger canoe – think Hawaii). He’s the one in the Eskimo roll video. 

Doug, the inventor, had his dog in his lap while paddling a few times, and combined, they are 240 pounds. At a demo, we had someone who was over 275 lbs in our boat – no problem. Many of our customers paddle with their dogs.