We have some tips that may help you when launching. 

Instead of launching your kayaks at 90 degrees to the concrete launch, try setting the kayak in the water parallel to water’s edge. While the kayak floats in 1 inch of water, you can step into the kayak, get comfortable, and push yourself sideways away from shore until you are floating with enough water to paddle in. 

Another option that works very well in almost any situation, especially when the water is deep where you enter (like a dock or steep bank) is to use your paddle as an outrigger to stabilize you and the kayak until you are comfortably in the cockpit. To do this, place the middle of your paddle on the back of your cockpit rim and one of the blades on the shore with the kayak parallel to shore. Grab the paddle shaft and the back of your cockpit rim together in one hand while your other hand holds onto the paddle shaft somewhere between the kayak and the shore. You can then sit on the hand that is holding the cockpit rim and slide your legs in then slip into the seat. By keeping some weight on the paddle shaft you will have a very solid and stable situation to allow you to take your time and get into the kayak. Once you're in and comfortable you can push sideways from shore into deeper water and paddle away!

Old Town canoe created a video that we found explaining this technique very well. There is quite a bit of good advice in the video but the part you should pay attention to is at the end.